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Delegating your payroll is easier than you think.


I'm worried about data security

How are payments made?

Who deals with P11D and benefits?

What about recruitment agencies, charities or schools and academies – do you have special payroll arrangements for them?

If you have been struggling with payroll of late, we have great news – you don’t have to suffer any more.

Dealing with HMRC, Real Time Information, and Pensions Automatic Enrolment take their toll on your time. Staying up to date with new and ever-changing legislation is a challenge for even the most focused business owners, but the great news is there is another answer!

Our service provides:

  1. Dedicated payroll expert

  2. Full compliance with HMRC

  3. Support designed to meet your needs

SD Payroll Services comes with a real difference and that difference is our people. Of course, we bring you service excellence, low costs and guarantees, but we believe it’s our team that makes the real difference.

With over 100 years of payroll experience between them, you know when you choose SD Payroll Services you’re in great hands. Every member of staff speaks your language and really cares about what they do. 

Here’s why SD Payroll Services is a great choice for your Managed Payroll Service.

  • Fast and easy

  • Focused on service excellence

  • Low cost

  • Run and staffed by great people who speak your language

Outsourced or Fully Managed payroll?

When you choose to pass your payroll to a third party, you can choose to hand over selected elements or you can pass it over in full. When you pass it over in full, you’ve chosen what’s called a Fully Managed Payroll Service. When you make this decision, you free yourself of pretty much all your payroll responsibilities and you leave yourself and your finance team a whole lot more time to do what you do best – run your business.

When you choose to outsource your payroll to SD Payroll Services, all you have to do is pass us your data in the format and at the time we agree. We then take up the baton and do all the necessary submissions, payments and reporting. And if you have questions along the way, all you need to do is contact the team. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Still not sure about handing over your payroll?

If you’re still not sure about the idea of outsourcing your payroll, the thing to remember is that managed payroll is a highly specialised task. Processing payroll as well as staying up to date with changing legislation and responsibilities can quickly become a full-time job if you have a large number of employees. Even if you have only a handful of staff, being confident that what you’re doing is correct can be daunting. This is where outsourcing your payroll really comes into its own.

When you choose to outsource your payroll to the likes of SD Payroll Services, you relieve yourself of your payroll responsibilities in the knowledge that an expert team is doing the job for you. Working this way means you can concentrate on the parts of your business that can’t be outsourced and that are essential for your success.

But surely your fully managed payroll must cost a lot?

At SD Payroll Services we know that you want to make payroll easier, but we also know that you don’t have a fortune to spend on the process. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to streamline our processes and keep the cost to you as lean as possible. In terms of the specific cost of processing your payroll, it depends on the size of your payroll and your requirements. In general terms, you can expect a set-up fee at the start and an ongoing charge per payslip. The size of the set-up fee will depend on the size of your payroll and the complexity of your arrangements. The cost per payslip is the only ongoing cost you will pay in relation to your payroll.

It really is that straightforward. You can get a precise quote for your business by getting in touch on 020 3225 5574.

Employee Payroll
When you choose SD Payroll Services Fully Managed Payroll Service things couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it works:

  1. You pass us your data that includes starters, leavers and any variable pay information.

  2. We validate the data.

  3. When we’re satisfied that the data is complete, we input it into our system and make the calculations.

  4. The team checks the outcome and sends it to you for a final check and authorisation.

  5. We then produce your employees’ payslips and your payroll reports.

  6. Payslips are then made available to your employees, you get your reports and RTI submissions are made.

  7. If you’ve asked us to make Bacs payments on your behalf, once we’ve received funds, they will be made on the agreed dates

  8. At the end of the year we’ll run the year-end processes for you and produce P60s for your staff.


And all this is done using our HMRC compliant software for your complete peace of mind.

How does the payroll handover work?

At SD Payroll Services our focus is making your managed payroll as easy as possible and that includes the initial handover. When you’ve decided to make the move, we’ll work with you to make sure the transition is as smooth as it can be. We’ll even tell you what you need to say to your current payroll provider if you’re switching.

At the start of any relationship with a new client, as a precautionary measure, for larger payrolls we generally suggest that we have a short period of running the SD Payroll Services system in conjunction with your old system, just to be doubly sure. That way we know that nothing has slipped through the net in the handover.

How do I transfer my payroll data?

Transferring data today can take many different forms and we’ll work with the way you prefer. We’ll work together to agree a processing timescale so everyone knows what’s expected of them, and when you transfer your data, you can do so with confidence that you’re passing it over to a payroll provider that takes data security as seriously as you do.

How do you handle pensions arrangements?

At SD Payroll Services we’re accustomed to handling pension contributions and other third party deductions, so you can rest assured that your responsibilities are in safe hands. When it comes to pensions arrangements we make the deductions and report to the relevant pension companies on your behalf, as we can with other third party payments.

What about Pensions Auto Enrolment?

Pensions Auto Enrolment is something that the SD Payroll Services teams have been involved with from the start. Active in working parties and providing regular input to The Pensions Regulator, we know what we’re doing when it comes to auto enrolment. If you are already involved in auto enrolment, we’ll seamlessly take over, and if you’re yet to get involved, we’ll make your journey as pain free and low cost as possible.

Won’t I lose touch with my payroll?

It is important when you pass your payroll over to a third party that you gain maximum peace of mind from your decision, yet still feel in control. That’s why we have a range of standard forms we provide but in addition we’ll work with you to identify any additional information you’d like in order to keep your finger on the payroll pulse. Even if you require bespoke reports, we can do that for you.

What about payslips – how does that work?

At SD Payroll Services we can provide electronic payslips. If you don’t use electronic payslips already, it’s maybe worth considering because with most people online today it’s a great way of saving on paper, time and postage!

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