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Why choose our Umbrella Services?

Working through SD Payroll Services will put your mind at ease, knowing everything is under control, with the reassurance of our first class team of professional payroll and account specialists!

As an FCSA compliant umbrella company, we can ensure you are safely operating under all IR35, EBT, MSC, and other tax regulations to prevent you from being unnecessarily fined of up to £25,000. All with the guarantee that you have complete security over the exact amount of money you earn whenever you work!

What is an FCSA compliant umbrella company? 

FCSA accreditation is accepted and recognised across the industry as the gold standard of umbrella companies. Awarded as an exclusive membership to those who demonstrate the highest industry standards according to The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA). To read the rest:

As well as earning the FCSA accreditation, SD Payroll Services can proudly confirm we operate a 100% compliant service, which means we are in line with all UK tax legislations and current IR35 policies. Allowing us to promise you with the guarantee that you will earn 100% of what you work, with the necessary deductions of tax and fees taken!

The dangers and risks you face not choosing us:


Opting to use the services of a non FCSA compliant umbrella company opens you up to the risk of 'mini umbrella companies' using tax avoidance schemes to exploit money out of you working through them. These tax scams work by illegally making use of the flat rate VAT scheme and Employment Allowance, set in place to allow small companies to claim an annual discount of £4,000. 

When a larger scale umbrella company splits up the workforce of those working through them into multiple 'mini umbrella companies', it permits them to claim Employment Allowance, which is legally only eligible to those earning under £100,000 in the previous tax year.

The scam costs taxpayers millions per year in lost revenue and will lead to you receiving tax fines at no fault of your own...

Latest tax avoidance news:

Are you an agency looking for an umbrella company?


Not only does the responsibility of handling your candidate's pay fall onto you as an agency when you choose not to use our services, but you also run the risk of jeopardising your reputation through incorrectly filing any tax reports. Leave it up to our experts at SD Payroll Services to handle things for you so you can continue to focus on what really matters.. recruiting!

Using an FCSA compliant umbrella company as an agency is the easiest and most cost effective way to run your business, delegating the administrative financial burdens to those who know what to do. We can offer your candidates a daily payroll service with the ability to receive their pay within 24 hours of working their shifts and much more!

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