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Frequently Asked

What does an umbrella company do?


The purpose of an umbrella company is to operate as an intermediary between a contractor and an employer (client or agency). It is a company that takes on the responsibility of hiring temporary workers (agency worker or contractor) on behalf of the employer, handling the duties of pay, tax, and legal obligations.


What is the difference between PAYE and Umbrella?


When deciding between pay as you earn (PAYE) and umbrella, you are choosing who is handling your payroll which will be either your employer (client or agency) or an umbrella company. The benefits to choosing us as a temporary worker are the continuity of employment, making it easier to apply for mortgage or credit, among other reasons listed here:


How does IR35 affect Umbrella?


With the recent changes introduced to the IR35 legislation in April, it affected the private sector and those working as self employed through an Umbrella Company. The adjustments ensure proper regulation is done over Income Tax and National insurance contributions for those contractors. Find out more about the details on IR35 here:


What do payroll services do?


A payroll bureau will allow for companies to outsource the handling of their pay to make time and save money when focusing on the other aspects of their business. The role of an external payroll team is to process the pay of the company employees for wages, taxes, and extra expenses in an on time and accurate measure.

How do we pay you with our umbrella services?

If you decide to work through our umbrella company, we can provide you with a tailored service, ensuring you get paid on time, every time. Effectively allowing you to abide by IR35, EBT, MSC and other tax regulations without the hassle of handling it yourself. We guarantee to deliver your pay within 24 hours of receiving it from your agency, simply get in touch now by calling 020 3225 5574!

Why choose us?


Our team of financial specialists at SD Payroll Services strive to deliver you a personalised and truly first class service! Promising to put you at the focus of our business whenever you choose to use us as your payroll team or umbrella company. Find out more about what else we can offer you under the sections listed above!

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