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Ensure you are paid correctly and immediately with SD Payroll.

SD Payroll Umbrella Services

Joining SD Payroll Services could not be easier. Simply use the sign up form or give us a call on 020 3225 5574 and register within a matter of minutes. With our easy set up process you will receive your very own information pack which includes everything you need to know about the world of payroll, including the do’s and don’ts when it comes to securing your income.

When you join us we provide you with the support and expert knowledge needed to ensure you are paid both correctly and immediately. Once registered we will take care of it all, from contacting your current agency to requesting all necessary documentation, leaving you to focus on your work.

Our services

SD Payroll Services believe in making your working life easier, faster, and more efficient, which is why we offer a truly personalised payroll solution by providing a first class service led by a team of payroll and accounts specialists.

Being a part of a flexible workforce should not mean accepting flexible payroll, which is why we ensure you receive the right pay for all temporary shifts or work placements when promised. Our service includes a team of industry experts who are in place to ensure we remain market leaders and who keep you up to date with any and all changes which could impact your take home pay.


Is there a risk of IR35 penalties by working with you?

Whether your contract falls within or outside IR35, our service ensures we take the correct precautions to correctly avoid IR35 penalties or unnecessary tax being applied to your income.

Check out all of the risks when not working with us!



Avoid risk of IR35, EBT or MSC legislation and bring complete security over your money with our service built on years of gained knowledge and experience.


Get paid within 24 hours of working your shift with our daily pay scheme. We ensure you receive payment the moment your agency sends payment, meaning you no longer have to wait to receive the money you have earned.


We pride ourselves on being transparent in our business, which is why you will find no start up fee’s or exit penalties. Our fees are only applied whilst you are earning income through us.


SD Payroll Services operate a fully compliant service in line with all UK tax legislation and current IR35 policies. By joining us you can be assured you remain tax compliant for the duration of our partnership.


We pride ourselves on knowing the ins and outs of Payroll, meaning we can make sure you are only paying out on what you need to, allowing you to keep more of your earned income.


We offer amazing referral bonuses to all those who refer us, get in touch to find out what you can receive.


When do I receive my payment from you?

With SD Payroll Services you can expect to get paid the very same day that payment has been received from your agency.

What about VAT, PAYE, and NI Liabilities?

All liabilities are taken care of by our team, meaning you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your income.

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